Telling the "Symantec on Symantec" Story

CustomerONE helps you learn about our products and services from the people who know them best: the Symantec IT and security practitioners who use them every day to keep Symantec safe.

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At CustomerONE we share our day-to-day experiences. We give you a transparent look at how we use our own products, from small-scale testing all the way to full-scale launch. We give you an impartial first-person review of where our products did well and where there was room for improvement. And we share all of our best practices and lessons learned.

With CustomerONE there’s no marketing. No spin. No sales pressure. Our only mission is to give you factual information. Our stories and videos are deliberately non-technical, and they’re presented at a high level for executives and decision-makers who want to understand the “Symantec on Symantec” story.

It’s all part of our effort to create the world’s best corporate security—for ourselves and for our customers. Join us on our security journey, and learn what happens as our own IT shop becomes Symantec's first and best customer—in short, our CustomerONE.

How We Secure Our Workloads in the Public Cloud

Even security services need protection. We developed Cloud Workload Protection to secure our own cloud-delivered solutions, and now your business can benefit from the public cloud while ensuring that your AWS and Azure workloads are secure.

Symantec SEP Mobile Deployment

Symantec blocks, on average, nearly 24,000 pieces of mobile malware every day of the year. Learn how Symantec’s Endpoint Protection Mobile (SEP Mobile) solution can protect mobile devices across all major mobile operating systems.

Phish Fight: Empowering Our Employees Against Con Artists

In the fight against phishing, well-trained employees are our best defense. Discover how we use Blackfin technology to test them aggressively and encourage maximum vigilance.

Extending Security Operations with Symantec Managed Security Services

We gave our Security Operations Center a major boost by tying in Symantec Managed Security Services. It can do the same for you, regardless of how advanced your SOC is.

Symantec Data Loss Prevention - From Adoption to Maturity

It's bad enough if hackers break into your network. It's even worse if they make off with your confidential data. Read how we use Symantec Data Loss Prevention to keep our most valuable digital assets out of hackers' hands.

How Symantec Keeps its Own Endpoints Safe

At one point we stopped using Symantec Endpoint Protection at full strength – and quickly paid the price. Here’s what we learned the hard way, and why we're better off now.

VIP Access Manager - Our Key to Cloud Applications

By eliminating the password sprawl that cloud applications can cause, we freed our employees from having to create a dozen or more logins and passwords just to do their jobs.

What We Learned as the First and Best Customer of Symantec Advanced Threat Protection

Our most exciting product in years, Symantec Advanced Threat Protection is the industry's only solution that protects your network, email, and endpoints all at once.

We Just Call it Security

Most companies treat physical and cyber security as unrelated disciplines. But many threats have physical and digital components. Learn how we combined our security teams to ward off such advanced threats -- and how your company can benefit from adopting the same model.

Protecting Our Crown Jewels with Data Center Security

Our most vital data—customer information, financial records, employees' personal data, and more—resides on our servers. Here's how we keep them all secure.

Digital Signatures: How a Simple Icon Helps Thwart Email Fraud

One of the easiest ways to fight email fraud is with digital signatures. In this story we explain what they are and why they're so effective.